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12.02.2007 - Homunculus are now available.

21.12.2006 - Taekwons (SL, SK), Ninja and Gunslingers fully works, Rachel (Ice cave and Rachel sanctuary dungeon) is available for visiting. Still waiting for Homunculus. Veins will be added in near future.

07.07.2006 - Finally, it's july and the latest update time has come and we have some news! Wait just a little more for a new city and 2 dungeons! Ninja and Gunslinger job also will be here. Dear Taekwon Boys' and Taekwon Girls' owners, You can change your characters' job to Soul Linker or Star Knight for now.
The second one is about duel commands. Next commands are now available for use: @duel, @accept, @invite, @leave.
Also we are asking players to use @email command and change an e-mail on which your password will be sent in the case you forget it. The same password is also used for character deletion.
And the last and the greatest one, now we will publish new also in English, so players from foreign countries are welcome on the BlackWing too!
(Please, if you do not speak Russion or Latvian, then use English to communicate!)

Some words about what is BlackWing by today.
- Latest updates
- 7 first class jobs [+ Super Novice and including Taekwon, Ninja and Gunslinger classes, total Ц 10, ]
- 14 second class jobs [including Star Knight un Soul Linker]
- Transcendent classes [with all working skills]
- All quests for additional job skills
- Airport system
- Homunculus
- Next city, that will be added Veins [with itТs fields and dungeons]
- Level four weapon quests currently are disabled, but these weapons do exist and strong mobs drop them by a low chance
- Godlike itemsТ quests currently are disabled [need more players, then will be enabled]
- 5 open Guild Castles for now [if something changes and there will be a need, this number will change also]
- WoE time: Wednesday and Sunday from 8:00 PM till 10:00 PM [+02:00 GMT]
- Maximal stats 99
- Maximal levels 99/50, for transcendent classes 127(planning, currently 99)/70
- Rates: exp 5x, job exp 5x, drop 2x [comparing with original]
- Enabled @autotrade
- Enabled @duel
Also we do have High rate server Ц Ragnarok.LV HR: 500x/500x/20x. But there are some restrictions.
- no WoE (will be later)
- no Quests (processing)
- Kafra Express
High Rate server is opened relatively recently, so don't judge it for too strong ^.^ Still working on it!



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