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Download and istalation of the client
At first download the client from FTP [11 Episode] [10 anonimous users, 150Kbps speed limit]. To enter the game, extract files from archieve, load Ragnarok.LV.exe [wait, while client downloads updates!]

Information for those, who already have Ragnarok client As you have a client, you don't need to get an another one. Just download this update. Read below how to install it.

Instalation of the update
RO_Update_18.11.2k5.exe. Size of 10Mb, download and perform following actions to install:
-create new catalog Backup in the catalog Ragnarok

-transfer all files except data.grf and adata.grf into new catalog
-transfer all catalogs except BGM into the new one
-locate file RO_Update_18.11.2k5.exe into game's catalog

-execute file RO_Update_18.11.2k5.exe, wait while all stuff extracts
-load Ragnarok.LV.exe Probably, it'll get some new updates for you, before you'll be able to start the game
-if you did everything right and you can start the game without any errors, you can delete catalog Backup with no fear :)



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